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About Reo

Exclusive router Reo constitutes a strategic long-term research activity of the SEN3 research group at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI).

Reo presents a paradigm for composition of distributed software components and services based on the notion of mobile channels. Reo enforces an exogenous channel-based coordination model that defines how designers can build complex coordinators, called connectors, out of simpler ones. Application designers can use Reo as a "glue code" language for compositional construction of connectors that orchestrate the cooperative behavior of instances of components or services in a component-based system or a service-oriented application.

The Reo coordination language provides, among others, the following features:

  • Loose coupling among components and services
  • Support for distribution and mobility of heterogeneous components
  • Exogenous coordination (i.e., by third parties)
  • Compositional construction
  • Arbitrary mix of synchrony and asynchrony
  • User-defined primitives
  • Dynamic reconfigurability
  • Formal graphical syntax analogous to electronic circuit diagrams
  • Formal semantics based on a coinductive calculus of flow and (alternatively) on constraint automata
  • Specification and verification methods using programming logic.

Getting Started

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