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BPMN2Reo This converter works on the BPMN models designed by Intalio and STP (eclipse plug-in) editors. The transformation is mainly implemented in ATL.

BPEL2Reo Currently, this converter does not interact with a BPEL GUI, rather it accepts the input as a bpel file. A sample test file for the converter called 'Segregation of duty' is available for download. In order to use the sample file, first it should be imported into the workspace.

UMLSD2Reo The current version of this converter accepts UML2 Sequence diagrams (SDs) modeled in BOUML release 4.14 and exported as XMI. Unfortunately, this converter does not work with the latest version of Bouml, released on January, 1th 2010, due to the changes in the export XMI semantics. After release of Eclipse UML2 plug-in and due to its support for Sequence diagrams in the latest version of the plug-in, we decided to use eclipse plug-in for UML2. A new version to work with UML2 editor will be released after some problems in modeling of SDs have be fixed in the UML2 plug-in.