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How to generate connector animations

Generating animations from Reo models is easy. Just make sure that there is a proper graphical model for your Reo model (if it is generated by the editor, this is the case).

// Generating animations takes a will, so you might want to use a monitor.
IProgressMonitor monitor = ... /* new NullProgressMonitor(); */

// Create a network and a network view.
Network network = new Network(connector);
NetworkView view = new NetworkView(network);

// Some old files have incompatible views.
// If you are sure the format is correct, you can skip this step.

// Generate the animation table and the Flash bytecode.
List<Movie> movies = ReoAnimations.generateAll(view, monitor);
for (int i=0; i<movies.size(); i++) {
    try {
        movies.get(i).write("animation" + i + ".swf");
    } catch (IOException e) {