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How to create a new ticket

We use a ticketing system to track bugs and for feature requests. If you want to submit a bug report or a feature request please read the following guidelines carefully.

General Rules

  1. Don't post support requests. Try to find answers to your questions using the documentation. We don't have a mailing list yet, but something like this will be used in the future for these kinds of things.
  2. Please enter a meaningful name in the first field of the form ('anonymous' doesn't count). Your first name is enough. Also, check your ticket(s) regularly. Chances are that we ask for missing information, and we'll close tickets where missing information isn't supplied in time.
  3. One topic per ticket. For example, if you've found three distinct bugs, you'll open three tickets (one per bug).
  4. Give a meaningful summary.
  5. Provide as much information as necessary to understand what your ticket is about. For example, give a step-by-step description of how to reproduce the bug that you have found (remember that others might have a totally different environment).
  6. In the ticket properties box you should select correct values for the fields:
    • Component (component that contains the bug)
    • Version (version of the tools you were using, see Releases)
  7. Don't change the default values of ticket properties if you're not sure what they mean, excepts for the properties mentioned in 6. In particular, don't bother changing the milestone entry unless you're a developer, or are certain you know the correct value.
  8. Use the Preview button before you submit your ticket. Make sure that your ticket/comment is displayed correctly.

Bug Reports

We welcome any bug report, without your feedback it's hard (if not impossible) to improve our tools. Please help us helping you:

  1. Make sure that the problem you've found really is a bug.
  2. Use the latest version of the plug-ins.
  3. [report:1 See] if someone else already has filed a bug report for the same problem and, if you find a matching ticket, append missing information to this ticket rather than opening a new one. You can also use the search box on the top right of the site to search the whole site.
  4. Open a new ticket (see link below). Choose defect as ticket type. Give a detailed description on the bug:
    • What did you do when the bug showed up?
    • What did you expect instead?
    • Could you reproduce this bug? If so, describe the procedure step by step.
    • Do you have any idea what the bug might have caused?
    • What platform are you running the tools on?
  5. Keep an eye on the ticket. We might need additional information.
  6. Keep your report up-to-date. Let us know if you found additional bits that might be interesting or helpful.

Click here to create a new ticket.

Feature Requests

We're open for any suggestions of new features. Please follow the following rules:

  1. If you're using an old version of tools, check if the feature is already available in the current version.
  2. [report:1 See] if someone else already filed a ticket with a similar request. If so you probably might want to comment on the request and add your own ideas to it.
  3. Open a new ticket (see link below) and select enhancement as ticket type. Fill the form as described above. Be as verbose as possible when describing your idea. The click on the Submit Changes button at the bottom of the form.

That's it. Now you should keep an eye on the ticket. It's likely that a discussion will be started about your idea, and you might want to add your oppinion on it.

Click here to create a new ticket.