Graphical Reo Editor

Valve (editor, thumbnail)

The graphical Reo editor supports editing of connectors and wiring them with components. The palette on the right-hand side of the editor has three sections. The first one contains basic elements used in almost all diagrams:

  • Connector: serve as containers for nodes and channels. Connectors should have a meaningful name.
  • Component: generic black-boxed components. Components have a name and can have further properties (see below).
  • Node: Reo nodes. Can have names as well and their behaviour can be changed using their type attribute.
  • Link: connect components with source/sink nodes of connectors. These are not channels.
  • Property: can be assigned to components. Properties have a name, a value and a (primitive) type.

The next section in the palette contains a list of default Reo channels. Channels can be drawn between nodes. The connected nodes do not necessarily have to be in the same connector.

The last section contains readers and writers, which are special instances of components.

Interaction with the workbench

  • Animation view: listens to selection events in the editor. When the animation view is open and enabled you can trigger the animation generation by selecting a connector or a component.
  • Drag'n'drop: you can drag Java class from the navigator on the left-hand side of the workbench into the editor. This will create components.
  • Properties view: lets you modify functional and graphical properties of everything that you select in the editor.