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Tuple Space Example

We start up with a simple example network: tuplespace.reo. In the editor the network looks like this:

Now we would like to define the following reconfiguration rules for this network:

  • AddWorker: adds another worker component, creates interface nodes for it and wires them up with nodes C and D.
  • DelWorker: deletes a worker component and its interface node; unwires them from the rest of the connector.
  • AddResource: add another full FIFO between D and C.
  • DelResource: remove a full FIFO between D and C.

For defining these rules we have created three networks in the Reo editor:

These three networks are enough to derive our reconfiguration rules. We use the wizard Derive Reconfiguration for this:


The final rules can be displayed and edited in a tree-based editor. For our example, it looks like this: