Deprecated: this webpage is preserved for archival purposes. Please consider visiting the new Reo webpage.

Release v3.2.0

Installation / Update

This release can be installed from the update site (see the tools section). If you have already an earlier ECT version installed, please uninstall them first, restart Eclipse and install the new version. For uninstalling, click on the Installed Software tab in the update manager and scroll down to the Reo features. Select all of them and click on Uninstall.

Release Notes

This release has a lot of changes. Most of them are only internal but there is also a significant number of new features. Here is a brief and not complete overview of the new features:

  • First release of the Distributed Reo Engine. Click on Window -> Open Perspective -> Other -> Reo or if it is open already on Window -> Reset Perspective. You should now see the new Engines View on the bottom of the workbench.
  • First release of the Reconfiguration Support. There is a Reconfiguration view and two New Wizards for creating and applying reconfigurations. This is still experimental.
  • Conversion from Reo connectors to Markov Chains (context menu of connectors). You can also setup a path to PRISM and it will automatically open the generated files.
  • The Reo2EA tools are now also extensible. There is currently a version for CAs and for QIAs.
  • Enhancements in the Reo editor: component ports / ends have their own symbol now. Subconnectors are properly supported. There is a new Duplicate Network action in the context menu of connectors and components.
  • Enhancements in the EA editor: when creating a new automaton, a dialog pops up and asks you for the type of the automaton. If the start state extension is active, the first state you create is automatically a start state. The compartment cannot be selected anymore.
  • The speed of animations can be changed in the preferences.
  • Very incomplete support for Guarded (Reo) Automata.
  • Lots of internal restructuring and clean up.
  • ...