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Workflow patterns encoded by Reo Connectors

A set of widely accepted workflow patterns in the scientific community is gathered by Wil van der Aalst and his colleagues, and can be found here.

Here we define these patterns using Reo connectors. Some of this patters are equivalent to Reo connectors present in the literature and can be found in other sections of this website under different names. Other patterns required the definition of new Reo connectors.

As a side remark is important to note that only a subset of Reo is required to encode the workflow patterns since the data that flows in the channels is not relevant in this context.

Basic Control Patterns

Advanced Branching and Synchronization Patterns

Structural Patterns

Patterns Involving Multiple Instances

The creation of a new instance can be seen as the output of data in a particular boundary node.

State-based patterns

Cancellation Patterns